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Working Remotely: 6 Tips on Working From Home

Working Remotely: 6 Tips on Working From Home

With companies like Facebook and Amazon all working from home due to the Coronavirus, I wanted to share my top tips to help you transition to working remotely and staying productive at home.


I spent 10 years working in a corporate environment and going into an office. But once I left my job and started my own business I had to transition to working from home. Making that shift was a big challenge and it took me a while to figure out the best work from home setup.


It can be very easy to get distracted at home with laundry, dishes, and the standard housework that you tend to not be able to get to when you are at work.


It’s also very easy to overwork when you work from home because you are always plugged in.  Making a clear schedule and taking breaks is important to avoid burnout!



Here are a few tips that have helped me overcome the challenges of working remotely.



Establish Your Working Area – I have a home office in a separate part of my house away from my bedroom and living room. It’s a dedicated area I can focus on work and be in a specific mindset.


Set Standard Office Hours – It can be tempting when working from home to sleep in or get distracted by other items in the house. I set my office hours to begin early in the morning with most of my calls starting at 8 am. I focus my afternoons on email follow-up and blog content creation.


Get Ready For The Day – I always like to shower and get ready for the day. This is a pretty simple one, but I have found if I just stay in PJ’s all day, I don’t feel connected. You can still have PJ pants on the bottom, but a blouse or sweater just helps feel more put together, especially if you have video conference calls to attend.


Take Time For Lunch and Exercise – Eat lunch and meals separate from your work areas. I can easily spend 12-14 hours at my desk. So I always schedule lunch away from my desk and try to fit in a run or a workout.  Its important to break up your day and get away from your desk.


WFH TIP: Schedule lunch with a friend who is also working from home! 


Create A Team Agreement or Norms – Now that you are working in a more decentralized model it’s important to align with your team or management on expectations from communication and process. Establish expectations for check-ins, updates, and meetings.


Over Communicate with Your Team – One of my team requirements for all meetings is that our videos are on and we are fully engaged. Make sure you are being responsive on Slack or over email with your team.


WFH TIP: Looking into tools for online collaboration like Zoom, Slack, Teams, or 




Are you currently working from home due to the Coronavirus? What tips do you have on staying productive?

Share them with me below!



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