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Purple Velvet Suit styled by top Seattle tall fashion blogger, Whit Wanders: image of a blonde woman wearing a Zara purple velvet suit.

The Purple Velvet Suit

I have to admit – I feel like such a boss in this purple velvet suit! I have styled velvet dresses and velvet pants – but this is my first velvet suit…

The Perfect Fall Blazer – Plaid Edition

I love a classic plaid blazer for fall! There is something about the plaid print that adds a touch of attitude to any outfit.   I am a big fan of Blazer…

Recognizing And Dealing With Professional Burnout

This is my 5th installment of my Work Series Wednesday. Every Wednesday I will be sharing stories from my work journey and other work lessons I learned. This series is called #WhitxWorkSeries! Professional burnout…

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  • Hello Whitney!

    This was a very interesting read! I went through the exact same thing in my previous job: feeling burnt out and working hard but not getting much in return. As much as I am career-oriented, I also value my work-life balance and I was absolutely fed up of always feeling stressed out and undervalued. So, towards the end of 2021, I quit my job. At the start of 2022, I started my current role and now I am so much happier, less stressed out and calmer. I feel as though I’ve got my work-life balance back and I feel valued and respected. What a difference a year makes! Life is so much better for me.

    Life is too short to keep giving your all to a job when you’re not getting what you want or deserve in return. And work isn’t everything: there’s more to life than working yourself into the grave.

    Chichi Ogwe
    Chichi Writes

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