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Purple Velvet Suit styled by top Seattle tall fashion blogger, Whit Wanders: image of a blonde woman wearing a Zara purple velvet suit.

The Purple Velvet Suit

I have to admit – I feel like such a boss in this purple velvet suit! I have styled velvet dresses and velvet pants – but this is my first velvet suit…

Summer Work Dress from MM LaFleur featured by top Seattle fashion and career blogger, Whit Wanders

The Summer Work Dress from MM LaFleur

What is the consensus? Are we still dressing up for work? I have the perfect Summer work dress from MM La Fleur. I know we are all stuck at home due to…

Pink Coral Skirt

Let’s talk about how Instagram and Facebook went down this week. People reactions were crazy, there were reports of people calling the police and freaking out on Facebook.   Now, don’t get…

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