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Why I left the Corporate World

Why I left the Corporate World

why I left the corporate world

This is my 1st installment of my Work Series Wednesday. Every Wednesday I will be sharing stories from my work journey and another work lesson I learned. This series is called WhitXWorkSeries!


I left the corporate world in May of 2017. Initially, when I left I did not have a plan (which I do not recommend). All I knew was that my life was moving in a direction I did not want and I was unhappy. I needed to hit reboot. It was now or never!


It was rather ironic – I had moved up the corporate ladder quite quickly in my career. I was a Director for a global media agency running multiple teams all by the time I was 30, but I was miserable.


Let me give a bit of background to what I did in the corporate world…


I spent almost a decade working in the corporate marketing world. My job was to create advertising campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world. Previous clients included: Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, Avon, Sprint, Intuit etc. I organized National and International programs including TV, radio, search and digital ad campaigns.


My job required very long hours. There were technical meetings, supervising & training teams, and a bevy of clients to keep happy. I spent years working my way up at different agencies. I learned so much along the way. But the long hours and grueling pace caught up with me.  My typical hours ran 7am to 10pm daily and often on weekends. I traveled a lot for work:  New York, Kansas, Texas, Singapore, London etc. It may sound glamorous but it was stressful. Rushing off a 17-hour flight to make a presentation than to turn around and head back home again was exhausting.


As my 30th birthday approached  I took a step back and examined my quality of life. After a deep and honest look I realized:

          •  I was unhappy
          •  I was in a toxic work environment
          •  I was burnout
          •  I was not valued


Initially, I struggled with the idea of leaving.  Would I  be abandoning my teams?  Am I ready to walk away from it all? Could I be doing more? I dug in and work harder, tried to be more committed.  It only made things worse. I was feeling depressed.


So I focused on building up my savings. And with no concrete plan, I finally made that drastic change: I quit! 


I had to save myself.


I need to go find the better version of myself and grab the life I really wanted!


OUTFIT DETAILS: Blazer from Banana Republic (old), Blouse from Nordstrom, Citizen of Humanity Jeans, Sam Edelman heels


Starting over is painful. I had lived in the same city, worked in the same field for almost 10 years. Where would I go next? How would I find my way? I would like to give you a few suggestions I learned along my journey:

1. Make sure you have adequate savings – It is a luxury to walk away. Try to have at least 6 months of salary tucked away.

2. You do not have to have a  specific plan. But be prepared. You are in transition. It is painful and frightening. But be patient as your new journey unfolds.

3. Starting Building Your Network – Prioritize relationships in your industry. Reach out to others in your field.

4. Work on your Resume – You might not be ready to walk away but be prepared.  Update and polish your Resume. Have ideas where you might want to send it.



Unfortunately, I quit after a nasty showdown with my VP. I should have left sooner.  I will cover that experience next.  Appropriately titled: Rage quitting my job.


Do you work in an unhealthy environment? What do you struggle with in your job? Share it with me online with the hashtag: #WHITxWORKSERIES

I would love to hear about your work experiences!  Email me! 


photography by Michelle Moore




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