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What to Wear to a Royal Wedding

What to Wear to a Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Katherine Middleton is happening tomorrow on April 29th. I personally find it quite interesting-a real life fairy tale of a Cinderella marrying her Prince. I am very excited for the Fashion and the Gowns. England Wedding attire is very sophisticated and elegant. You will see very structured outfits, traditional cuts and hats galore! 
Grace Kelly and Princess Diana are two of the most gorgeous and beloved stories of commoners marrying into the Royal Monarchies and now Kate Middleton joins their ranks.
Now its Kate Middleton’s turn-I like Prince William and Kate Middleton they seem like they generally love each other. I also really like that they have their acts together and are always put together. Unlike our US celebrities they are actually role models. 
image via: getty
Wedding Attire for the Royal Event will be fierce. One staple item in the upper crust of Royal Society is Hats! Hats are such a great accessories and I am kinda bummed that we don’t really rock them all that much in the US. Kate Middleton has been know to rock a hat or two as well.

Here are some other bold statement hats:

images via: Daily Mail

But the real question is who is will Kate be wearing? I think she will go with an English designer. But then Haute Couture is so appealing in this type of event. 

image via Project Runway

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