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Travel Guide: What to Do in Ubud, Bali

Travel Guide: What to Do in Ubud, Bali

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Happy Monday! I am excited to finally share my Ubud, Bali Travel Guide! This travel guide will focus on my top 7 places to visits in Ubud, Bali. I have a special place in my heart for Bali. I have traveled there quite a bit and wanted to finally share some of my favorite places. If you have a vacation or honeymoon I highly recommend Bali. It was the perfect mix of relaxation, activities and night life. The best time to go visit Bali is June-August. This trip was during August and it was perfect weather. Their rainy season starts in October and goes through March.

Ubud is a beautiful area inland away from the coast. It is known for the rice paddy field and green rolling hills. It’s about a 2-hour drive from Denspasar Airport.  These are the top things I like to do when I am there:

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1. Visit Monkey Forest

monkey forest, ubud, bali

Monkey Forest is one of the most popular destinations in Ubud. Monkey Forest is a large park that houses hundreds of monkeys. This Sanctuary offers trails to wander as you view the temples  – and of course monkeys! You can pay to feed the monkey bananas and take pictures. Remember these monkeys are wild! Keep an eye on your hat, sunglasses, cameras and water bottles as the monkey’s love to snatch these from tourist. The entrance fee to the park is 40.000 IDR for adults and 30.000 IDR for children.


2. The Ridge Walk

ridge walk ubud bali

We stayed at the Sunset Hotel outside of downtown Ubud.  We were surrounded by green lush jungle and rice paddy fields.  There is a beautiful Ridge walk that takes you into Ubud. It’s a scenic 20-min walk that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. The views are spectacular. It’s a well-traveled path with photographers and visitors enjoying a feeling of peace and calm in nature. This path leads to Ubud in one direction. Or you can head the other way and enjoy walking in the rice paddies. If you find yourself in Ubud at the end of the day it is a short taxi ride back.  The Ridge walk is definitely worth a visit.

2. The Rice Paddy Fields

The Tegallalang Rice Terrace is one of the more famous areas to tour the rice paddy fields in Ubud.   These fields were right down the street from our hotel. If you want to visit the Tegallalang area go in the morning as it gets crowded with tour buses by afternoon. Each family has a donation hut for contributions.  Donations go to maintaining the rice fields.  If you start to feel the heat there are shops and restaurants along the way to relax and enjoy a delicious meal and beautiful views.

4. Visit The Elephant Sanctuary

elephant sanctuary bali

This was one of my favorite activities during our trip! We went to an Elephant Sanctuary north of  Ubud. We had the opportunity to bathe and feed the elephants. Now – before anyone gets’s upset about the elephants – the back story to this sanctuary is that the elephants were rescued from Sumatra. They had been eating all the villager’s crops and food (elephants eat 500 tons of food a day).  The elephants were destroying their livelihood. The villagers reacted by poisoning their water.  The elephants and relocated to this park. They interact with people  3-months out of the year support their care and maintenance. They are intelligent  and playful creatures!

TRAVEL TIP: Always research any animal park or sanctuary thoroughly before visiting. There are some that  cage and drug animals in a harmful way. 

5. Shop The Ubud Markets

ubud market

  ubud market shopping

This market is right in downtown Ubud across from the palace. It is open from 8am-6pm. This market has a massive variety of art, home decor, clothing, food, and housewares. It’s one of my favorite areas to find a piece of art as a memento of my travels.  This trip I opted for a wood carving of an elephant. In the market bargaining is the custom.  And also the key to your successful shopping experience!  I always start with 50% less than what I am willing to pay and see where the conversation goes from there. It’s easy to get a good deal that both sides are happy with – it’s a win/win.


6. Ubud Swing Set

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This Bali swing is located on the Ayung river and you have fabulous views of the lush jungle. There is an entrance fee of 50.000 IDR for the area with swings.  And you get as  many soft drinks you can handle. The swings cost 285.000 IDR and you get unlimited rides. There typically tends to be a line for any of the swings due to popularity – so get there early!

7. Ubud Fire Kecak Dance 

The fire dance gives you insight to Balinese social culture.  This dance is only performed at night and tickets cost 75.000 IDR. The costumes are exquisite. The chant tells the story of Prince Rama and the rescue of his Princess Sita.  It’s a fun event to attend. Dances usually start at 7:30 pm in multiple locations.




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