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The Latest Instagram Craze: Salvation Mountain

The Latest Instagram Craze: Salvation Mountain

travel guide: salvation mountain

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Salvation Mountain is the latest Instagram craze! That is how I first discovered it. Salvation Mountain is a massive 5-story art installation in the desert. The craziest part of this art mountain is that it’s entirely man-made. It was created by Leonard Knight. This mountain was his way of expressing his devotion to God and spreading his message of peace and love. I visited Salvation Mountain for the first time over Memorial Day Weekend. I am sharing ALL the details to get to this Instagram Mecca and what you need to know before you visit!

How To Get to Salvation Mountain

salvation mountain slab city

LOCATION: 603 Beal Rd, Niland, CA 92257

Salvation Mountain is located in Southeastern California, south of Palm Springs and east of the Salton Sea.

  • From Palm Springs: 1 hour and 30 mins
  • From Los Angeles, CA: 3-hour drive
  • From San Diego: 2 hour and 30 mins

What To Know Before You Visit Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain is located out in the middle of the desert and 5 mins from Slab City. You can walk on the mountain but you have to follow the yellow brick road! Visitors can get scolded if they wander off the yellow path because it tends to damage the art. You can follow the yellow road all the way up to the top by the cross and take in the view!

  • Refreshments: Makes sure to bring water and drinks for the trip! It gets quite hot out there.
  • A Full Tank of Gas: You are driving into the desert and the last thing you want is to run out of gas! There is some gas station along the route but once you are out near Salvation Mountain there is nothing around for miles.
  • Bathroom Breaks: There are no bathrooms out at Salvation Mountain. There is one lone porta potty – if you desperate but I would NOT recommend it.
  • Sunscreen & Hat: I put sunscreen on when I went but I still ended up getting burned after being out in the hot desert sun for a few hours as we toured the art installation


Scroll down for more photos of Salvation Mountain


Have you been to Salvation Mountain? Tell me what was your favorite part and if you would visit Salvation Mountain in the comments below!

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travel guide: salvation mountain

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