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The Challenge of Staying Present

The Challenge of Staying Present

There is a lot of noise in life, Social media being one of the main ones. Social Media can be an all-consuming vacuum. As a blogger, I am on it all the time! I am constantly, tweeting, Instagramming, and blogging. I love to share – that’s why I blog, but this blog has also evolved into a business and a brand for me. Finding a balance between work, blogging and just living life can definitely be a challenge. My blog has really grown into something that I am so proud of but it can be all-consuming at times.



That is why staying present and really enjoying the little moments is so key.  I try to be mindful and make sure that I step away and have my own dedicated “Whitney” time. It’s important to remind yourself that you have earned this time away from work or social media to spend time with family or friends. So that is what I try to do – stay 100% dedicated to that moment and enjoying my time with them. There is nothing worse than hanging out with someone who is constantly on the phone. It makes me feel like they want to be elsewhere.  I try to really avoid any of the behavior when I am with my family and friends. Here are the 3 tips I use to stay in the moment:


Tell Yourself Its Ok – I use to feel guilty that I should be working or that I was neglecting my blog, but I realized I needed to carve out time for myself or I would burn out

Be Efficient With Your Time – I schedule social media posts or I dedicate a select amount of time to getting the photos that I need and then I put my phone down and focus on the person across from me.

It’s Not About You – sometimes it’s not about you, but it’s about those around you. Others need you to be there, to be supportive or just to listen. Make sure you are present and connecting with them.


How do you stay present and in the moment?? What are your tips and tricks??

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photography by Michelle Moore




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