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Swimsuit Guide 2017

Swimsuit Guide 2017


Swimsuits season is here and finding the perfect suit can seem like a daunting task. Not only do you need to find a suit that you feel confident but also fits well and flatters your body. Picking a suit for your body type is key but even that can be confusing: pear shaped, apple, hourglass, inverted triangle?

WHAT?! What does that all even mean!? And which one am I? 

We are totally with you on the confusions around all of those descriptions. We are going to be sharing an easy way to identify your body type and our top ways to pick a suit that will make you feel ready to embrace your inner Swimsuit Goddess! (We all have one!). And when in doubt – just rock what you want (or be a mermaid) and let the haters be damned! 🙂




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Most women fall within one of these shapes. We have listed the definitions below:

     Pear Shaped – The hips are larger than the bust, and the waist gradually slopes out to the hips

     Hourglass – The bust and hips are basically the same size and your waist is well defined

     Apple – the shoulders and bust are boarder and hips tend to be narrow

     Inverted Triangle – The bust is large, the hips are narrow and the waist is not very well defined.

     Diamond – The waist is larger than the bust/hips. The shoulders are narrow compared to the hips.

     Rectangle – The hips tend to have a similar width as the shoulders and no defined waist

(definitions via SYS)

if you are unsure of your body, type try the SYS body calculator to determine your ideal body shape. PopSugar also has a great swimsuit guide by body-type to help find the perfect suit!



We usually buy different swimsuits cuts for what we will be doing – here is our standard breakdown. But no matter what suit we wear – its always accompanied by sunscreen (we love Glossier invisible shield SPF) and some killer shades (we love RAY-BAN or Quay)!

    • The Itty-Bitty Bikini – this is your itty-bitty bikini that you wear to avoid tan lines (make sure you always wear sunscreen!). Every girl has that barely there bikini to help avoid those tan lines. This is the suit for laying out and doing nothing.


    • The Active Suit – this is usually a has a bit more coverage and I can do water sports. I love a classic halter top when I am really being active on the water. It holds everything in place but allows movement for if I am kayaking or inner-tubbing.


    • The Full Coverage suit – this is your standard one-piece. I like to wear these when I am scuba diving as I tend to get really cold when I am diving. One-pieces are great for fuller coverage and can really enhance your waist.


Now you just have to decide where you are headed – the beach or the pool!

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