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San Francisco Fashion Bloggers Respond to Danielle Steel

San Francisco Fashion Bloggers Respond to Danielle Steel

Last week we came across this article on that featured an interview with best selling romance novelist (and long time San Francisco resident) Danielle Steel Within the article, the most memorable quote (to those in San Francisco at least) was the one listed below.

“There’s no style, nobody dresses up—you can’t be chic [in San Francisco]”— Danielle Steel talks about SF fashion 

Being that we are fashion bloggers based in San Francisco, it was quite disheartening to hear a notable figure such as Danielle Steel speak that way about the fashion scene.  Although she is of course entitled to her own opinion, we respectfully disagree!

We decided to address how we feel about San Francisco Style and reach out to our fellow SF Fashion Bloggers to get their opinions on the subject. We would like to introduce you to some truly amazing women who we collaborated with on this post (Blair from Atlantic-Pacific, Jennie from Going West, Laura from On the Racks) so that we could get their take on style in the city by the bay! 


How we define San Francisco Style
It is constantly evolving and each neighborhood has a very unique vibe. The vintage scene has a major influence on fashion here so you always see pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. San Franciscans dress for themselves and everyone shows that so differently. It’s easy to sum up the stereotypical style of other cities but San Francisco has its own look that people are still trying to figure out.

How we feel San Francisco differs in its style compared to LA or NYC
 In San Francisco anything goes and people love to wear statement pieces that really define them and their mood. 

How has San Francisco affected your style?
B: People in San Francisco are very accepting and free and that has made me more comfortable to explore my own style.  I think I have an eclectic sense of style and dress differently based on my mood and SF has allowed me to do that without worrying what other people will think.  It has also given me a lot of inspiration.  Everyone here has such a unique sense of style that it is nice to be able to get ideas from what others are wearing.

W: It has definitely made me step outside the box and become bolder in my fashion choices and San Francisco’s atmosphere embraces that! The hills in San Francisco are always a fun challenge, especially in heels, and the changing weather has really strengthened layering in my everyday look. I just really get to have fun and be creative with my wardrobe!
Do you think San Francisco has become more fashionable?
It might be because we are more into the fashion scene now since we are always blogging about it, but we definitely feel that San Francisco has come into its own in the fashion world.  Every week there are countless events and fashion shows and there are more emerging designers then we have been aware of in the past. Overall though, we do think that the fashion movement in SF needs more exposure and publicity.  We hope that as fashion bloggers we can start to bring awareness to those outside the bay area.



How would you define San Francisco Style?
San Francisco style is more laid back and casual than most cities I have lived in or visited. There is a sense of comfort that people take on here. Much of the cities activities and values translate to clothing also- everything from how you dress to bike to work to help the environment to how many shop locally to support sustainability. I would also note that style changes drastically from neighborhood to neighborhood- giving the city a pretty broad range.

How do you feel San Francisco differs in its style compared to LA or NYC?
Far more toned down. Unlike NYC style, San Francisco style also does not change as dramatically season to season.

How has San Francisco affected your style?
This weather has taught me the art of layering and the hills constantly remind me of the price I pay for wearing heels. San Francisco and more broadly the west coast has taught me to step outside of my preppy vibe I acquired from living on the east coast.

Do you think San Francisco has become more fashionable?
Hmmm…well I work in retail with co-workers who have an awesome sense of style and have many friends who participate in the blogging world who are all uber fashionable. While I cannot comment on whether it has become more fashionable- I am hoping it will start to shake the stigma of having ‘no fashion’ because that is not true. San Francisco will never be NYC but it does have smaller fashion point of view to offer that is still important.

What’s your favorite thing about San Francisco and its style?
It is such a diverse and liberal city- everyone has seen everything. You can take risks and try new things…it takes a lot to turn a head here.

 How would you define San Francisco Style?
San Francisco style is like looking for a diamond in the rough. Not everyone cares about it. And every neighborhood is different, so it’s all over the place. But there isn’t any given day where I won’t see a guy or gal somewhere with great style. In this city, I have to stop to stare and think, “Damn, you look good!”
 How do you feel San Francisco differs in its style compared to LA or NYC?
As with any city, we have our hipster scene and our granola scene, but I also see a personalized sophistication that young professionals are going for and an urban edginess in casual outfits. Here, it’s not about fitting the generic sense of the word “style”. San Franciscans take it (if they choose) and make it their own. There’s no formula to follow.

How has San Francisco affected your style? 
Before San Francisco, I lived where it was always really cold, or really hot – ahh yes, the midwest. And, to be honest, it’s not easy to shop there. I felt so limited in my environment, but that’s not to say that I didn’t envy a lot of people’s style when I lived there. It’s just definitely more of a challenge. In San Francisco, I can experiment more. I have more options for shopping. I can try ANY style I want, and nobody looks twice because anything goes in this city. And IDGAF about the hills here. I went from wearing flats for 22 years to wearing heels 90% of the time now. I’ll never go back.

Do you think San Francisco has become more fashionable?
 I can’t tell if San Francisco has become more fashionable as I’ve only been here a few years and developed my own style over that period of time. But if I was inspired to change my style, something must be going on. I think there are people who really want this city to be more stylish, and they inspire others.

What’s your favorite thing about San Francisco and its style?
 My favorite thing about San Francisco and its style is that anything goes. I feel very comfortable here. And because every person’s style is different, I’m always inspired by people I see. I make mental notes of elements of their outfits that I like and think of how I can translate it into my own.

How would you define San Francisco Style? 
San Francisco style is an interesting thing — there are no rules or expectations, which can be fun and inspiring. While I do wish the fashion “scene” were a little stronger here, it is definitely growing and there is no shortage of creative people or imagination. I am constantly being inspired by my surroundings and the way that people are able to express themselves through the clothes that they wear.
How do you feel San Francisco differs in its style compared to LA or NYC?
I think that San Francisco style is a little bit more natural and genuine than in other cities…people dress a certain way because they want to dress that way, not because they’re trying to keep up with trends. This is not to say that it’s better or worse than LA or NYC, it is just different. There’s a lot of variety.
How has San Francisco affected your style?
It has taught me that dressing for myself and nobody else is the way to go. I allow myself to have fun with my outfits and experiment with different looks/styles depending on the mood I am in.
Do you think San Francisco has become more fashionable?
I think that there are more fashionable people here than there used to be. Thanks to bloggers, boutique owners, etc. there’s a significant and influential community of people who know and love fashion. Hopefully things will continue in this direction.

  What’s your favorite thing about San Francisco and its style?

As I mentioned earlier, I think style here is a more genuine form of expression than it is in some other places. I like that people dress like they want to dress…whether it’s in an Elizabeth and James dress w/ Louboutins or a pink gorilla suit (ahem, Bay to Breakers). San Francisco embraces the idea that fashion/style is about expressing yourself and feeling comfortable in what you wear, which I think is fantastic!

 We hope people come to realize that San Francisco is more stylish and has a more evolved fashion scene than it’s given credit. We want to thank the lovely ladies above for taking the time to answer all of our questions and giving us their thoughts on true San Francisco style!

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  • I need to move to San Francisco! I love the different styles I’m seeing on the blogs, especially Brit & Whit and Atlantic-Pacific. Please continue!

  • What a fantastic post! I read that article with Danielle Steel and I was a little sad since she lived in SF for so long. As a SFer myself I think the city has a lovely vibrant style scene and unlike anywhere else in the world. Thank you for posting this! 🙂

  • There is a Marc Jacobs store in San Francisco. If that doesn’t bring style, I don’t know what I have been believing in!

    Still, it’s a harsh generalization to say there is “no style” in any place, it’s like an instant fallacy. I don’t believe there is a single city anywhere with absolutely no style.

    Great post girls! Who can look at all of you and say there is no style in San Francisco!


  • I LOVE this post. Of course because a Bay Area blogger myself, I am a bit biased, but San Francisco should not be mistaken for an unfashionable city! Danielle Steel, you silly woman. What was she thinking? SF has one of the most eclectic and diverse fashionistas out there. Everyone is so unique, it’s a pity she’s blind to it. Great post, girls!!

    Stop by again soon and be sure to enter my giveaway!! xoxo!

  • Actually, I’ve always thought that SF was one of the most beautiful places to visit in the US and, just as well, people who live in SF have a great style. Perhaps, it’s just not the style of DS and that’s the problem. I bet if SF girls wore long floral skirts and dresses, kitten heels and hats decorated with ribbons and flowers, she would like it a lot more. 😉

    Great post and congratulations on being one of the top 20 Links a la mode.


  • I loved this article! I too saw the statement from Danielle Steel last week and it boggled my mind. I think SF is chic, ecclectic, funky, all over the place, but always stylish!

  • As a native San Franciscan I think I know what Danielle Steel was talking about. Most of the city dresses in fleece and denim, and that’s especially true in the Avenues. I’ve seen some nicely dressed women downtown and there’s usually some cute vintage-hippie sort of stuff going on in other areas as well. I have to tell you though, I’ve never seen anyone who looks like you guys! At least not on the street, and I always look for great outfits when I’m there.

    I was also a little put off that one of the first things anyone had to say about San Francisco style was a put down of L.A. I know it’s very Nor-Cal to dislike So-Cal but this would have been such a more positive, uplifting article without that little dig.

  • I’m from NYC and although I’ve never been to SF, I absolutely love what I’ve seen in terms of style. About 1/3 of my favorite blogs are based in SF, Danielle offended me when she made that statement. How closed minded!


  • The San Fransisco street style blog, SF Style would agree with you folks- I love the diverse crowd they capture on film week to week.
    A friend of mine who lives in Seattle just said the same thing about their town- all fleece and no style, but my experience both in SF and Seattle is that there are lots a fashion-ables there you just have to know where to look!

  • Fantastic post!! That really surprises me that San Francisco would be regarded as having no style. I’ve only visited a few times but have each time been impressed with the unique and beautiful clothing boutiques throughout, as well as the chic dress of the locals. Perhaps I was just in the right areas, but I prefer to think that we west coasters have more than a little style to offer. 🙂 Suck it Danielle Steel haha.

    xxxooo Coraleigh

  • Wow, I can’t believe she said that either, but it’s not too surprising because compared to LA or NYC I do see how someone might think that from simply driving around SF. hehe. But I think a lot of people walk a lot in SF and the hills are torture in heels so people dress a little more comfy here. This is a great post and I love all the bloggers here you featured. Definitely makes a great point, nice post!
    I’ve had so much fun being a fashion blogger in SF

  • I’ve heard it in all the six years I’ve lived here (born & raised in bay area), but I always try and tell my NYC & European friends – no you must hang out here, go to so and so’s party, hang in this neighborhood & trust me you’ll see fashion that rivals other well known cities. Fashion and style are very incognito in San francisco. It’s not as in your face as say London, New York or Paris. Give it time. Hang with the right crowd & you’ll be fashionable proud.


  • I just came across this post after some time, and I couldn’t agree more! I am originally from the midwest, but I’ve been all over the world, and SF has an individuality and sense of acceptance that I’ve rarely seen in other cities. Since moving to the Bay Area (Berkeley), I wouldn’t say my style has changed, but I’ve certainly stopped getting the “OMG, I think her outfit is crazy!” looks.

    Great post, ladies!


    PS: just starting out my own style blog after years of thinking of starting one…check it out at

  • that is disheartening! especially cuz my mom loves Danielle Steele’s work. but i really like this collaboration! i find everytime I Bart from Berkeley to SF that I have to dress up b/c to me SF is a style capital and seeing that there are all these fabulous bloggers just proves it. unlike NY, there r hills to consider so girls that do wear heels show more power and confidence than those in NY! lol


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