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San Francisco Chronicle: Britt+Whit

San Francisco Chronicle: Britt+Whit

We originally started ‘Britt+Whit’ as a creative outlet from our media jobs a little over two years ago.  Since then the blog has evolved into so much more!  We have met and become true friends with some seriously amazing women and have gotten to dip our toes into the fashion world in a way we never could have imagined. We are so proud of the San Francisco fashion community and the diverse style represented in this past Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle Style section by all the style bloggers that live in the Bay Area. We both work full time jobs in addition to running the blog and the balance can definitely get tricky.  It’s times like this article  though that remind us why we love the supportive San Francisco fashion community. Check out the other amazing Bay Area blogs!
Not many people know that we are actually more than just blog partners, we are best friends!  We were best friends long before we decided to start ‘Britt+Whit’ and it was our love of fashion and actually getting dressed up for work that we bonded over initially.  We hope you guys have enjoyed our work chic looks along with our weekend casual wear. Let us know if you ever have any request or would love us to highlight certain styles more!
Thank you again for following along with our style adventures.
We are excited to see what the rest of 2013 brings!
A BIG thank you to Maghan McDowell for highlighting bloggers and San Francisco’s evolving style!

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