Royal Pleats

Britt and I recently got the chance to have our makeup and photos taken by Sarah and Lou. I had so much fun getting ready and shooting around San Francisco with these girls. I am wearing one of my Zara sale scores. I love the pleats of the skirt and the bright color! It totally speaks to my color cravings.
Old Navy Sweater, Zara Skirt (similar here), ASOS Clutch, Ted Baker Heels, Forever21 necklace & earrings
All photos by the very talented Sarah Deragon and makeup by the amazing Lou!  
Bloggers, be sure to check out their Urban Fashion Adventures offering.  

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  1. March 1, 2012 / 4:19 pm

    Your makeup looks amazing! Beautiful pictures my dear xo

  2. March 1, 2012 / 6:43 pm

    I love that necklace! It makes this classic outfit much for modern/edgy!

  3. March 1, 2012 / 6:53 pm

    aww that is so fun! You look beautiful! That color is great on you!
    <3 Kastles

  4. March 1, 2012 / 7:32 pm

    You look beautiful! I love the look, it has a goddess feel.


  5. March 1, 2012 / 9:45 pm

    you make those pictures beautiful!

    of course, that blue just pops!!

  6. March 1, 2012 / 9:53 pm

    you are beautiful! those heels are perfect for spring~


  7. March 1, 2012 / 11:34 pm

    You look really pretty! Cool outfit!

  8. March 2, 2012 / 1:25 am

    wow the photos are beautiful and the pleated skirt is the perfect color! this outfit is classic and chic.. simply gorgeous!

  9. March 2, 2012 / 3:18 am

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Darling look!

    Shall we follow each other? I would love it.

    xxx Emily of EL Vintage

  10. March 2, 2012 / 4:29 am

    Thank you for coming to me and comment ..I love these skirts and bright colors, very good pictures, and I follow …
    thank you

  11. March 2, 2012 / 5:59 am

    How pretty! I love the pleated skirt, that blue is gorgeous on you. And how cool you got to work with them.

    I have a fashion blog here in SF too. You two are so inspirational

  12. March 2, 2012 / 9:02 am

    Your skirt is fantastic! I love your smile:D
    Maybe will we follow each other?


  13. March 2, 2012 / 9:22 am

    Lucky girls!! The pictures are wonderful!

  14. March 2, 2012 / 10:13 am

    Gorgeous outfit…
    Love the skirt!

  15. March 2, 2012 / 11:21 am

    My dear,
    I found your blog by chance, while peeking others and I decided to check it out! I’m glad I did it, because I am really delighted with yours. It’s beautiful, well structured, interesting… and it has completely got me hooked. I think we’re going to get along just fine! 😉
    I’d like to invite you to follow each other. I’d be very pleased.
    I wish you lots of success and will surely come back often

  16. March 2, 2012 / 12:54 pm

    That skirt is simply gorgeous!

    Do check out the ClucbCouture giveaway on my blog Miss Tangerine, maybe you’ll be the lucky one!

  17. March 2, 2012 / 2:49 pm

    i LOVE that pleated skirt 🙂 the color combination is gorgeous!
    your blog is flawless as well – so well designed and chic.
    can’t wait for more posts!

    tiana of l’esthetique

  18. March 2, 2012 / 5:38 pm

    Great pictures.. love the jewelry

  19. March 8, 2012 / 6:01 am

    love the make-up darlin! Do I get to see you soon – lots of updating needs to be done!

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