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My Reach Issues Across Instagram & Analytics

My Reach Issues Across Instagram & Analytics

Mercury is currently in retrograde. I am pretty sure that is the reason that my content is completely tanking across Instagram.


I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram and have two opinions on it


  1. I LOVE INSTAGRAM: Instagram is an amazing platform that lets me connect with each and every one of you in a very personal way. It gives me the opportunity to hear directly from you around the content you want, request or questions you have. That is so powerful!


2. I HATE INSTAGRAM: Instagram is the bane of my existing. Constantly having to keep up with the algorithm and posting daily content can get exhausting and numbing to your inner creative muse. But its a necessary evil.


I am very frustrated because my ability to reach my +60k audience has literally PLUMMETED. Instagram is suppressing my content from my followers and anyone net new yet to find me.


Instagram currently shows you posts in your feed based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting, and the timeliness of the post.


In the last week or so I have seen a dramatic decline in my ability to even reach my own followers.




These 2 Instagram Posts below were posted at similar times in the morning (20 minutes apart), similar content (both dress photos), about 30 days apart:

Post 1 – June 27th:



Post 1 from June 27th – This post looks more like my typical average reach. I reached 17% of my overall audience, over 10,000+ people. On average, I reach about 10%-20% of my Instagram audience and usually get 1.5-2K likes. Which is pretty good for Instagram. I obviously wish it was 100%


Post 2 – July 26th:


*both of these screenshots were taken 7/29

But my most recent post, Post 2 from July 26th,  a month later barely reached 3% of my audience with 33% not following me. I did not even reach 2,000 people with that post or break 1K likes. And it has just gotten worse.


Across the board, my comments, likes and just overall engagement is down. Which is extremely disheartening as a content creator.


Instagram treats “reach” and “impressions” almost exactly the same way that Facebook does. Reach refers to the total number of unique accounts that have seen your post or story. Impressions measure the total number of times users saw your post or story.




The other thing I find very ‘scammy’ about this recent decline is that fact that Instagram recommended I promote the post that was performing THE WORST! As if they are purposefully suppressing my content to make me pay.



I realize I don’t control Instagram. And they are constantly changing the algorithm. But if people are choosing to follow me – why is Instagram hiding my content from them?




I am also not the only content creator to feel this way, Courtney of @ColorMeCourtney, who has over 550K+ followers, shared she and quite a few of her followers (big and small) were running into similar issues:



In the grand scheme of things, this may seem like no big deal. But my blog is my business and how I earn my living. Instagram is the platform that brands are spending their advertising dollars on. If my ability to reach my audience is cut off – so is my income. Eeek!


I also work really hard on my content and there are hours that go into planning, shopping, shooting, scouting, and creation. I create it for you. I want you to be able to see it!




This is also why it’s important to diversify your brand strategy. Instagram can’t be your only platform for your business or your brand. If you were investing would you put all your money into one stock? One investment? Make sure you are building your presence across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube etc


Most importantly, build your email list! Your email list is something you alone own. It’s also extremely powerful to show up in someone’s inbox. An email list is central to building your brand.



Join My Newsletter – Please subscribe to my Newsletter! You will be alerted each time I share new content on the blog. If Instagram goes down or isn’t letting you see my content, having my email in your Inbox is a great reminder. My Newsletter features unique content, giveaways, personal stories, sales deals and exclusive updates that I share with you first!


As for Instagram – I will still be posting but the blog will always be my main focus. And if you do come across my content please comment and like! I know you probably hear that a lot, but by doing that your essentially telling Instagram you want to see my content.You can also follow my hashtag: #WHITNEYOOTD to keep up-to-date on any outfit I share.


And if you haven’t seen me in your feed in a while – please head over to my profile and “like and comment” on a few photos so Instagram knows you want me showing up!

♥This honestly goes for any content creator you see in your feed. The next time you see a great photo or a creative concept that makes you stop. Give it love! The amount of hours, time, and money that goes into some of these shoots is a serious investment. It also helps tell us what you love to see and what connects!


I hope this gives you a better perspective on the business challenges I face in this new “influencer space.” And peek behind how wild it can get with Instagram and the ever-changing algorithm.


Building a brand in the digital age is really hard. So anytime you like, comment, share or follow it means the world to me! Thanks, ladies!



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    • Thank you for the comment Tara! And yes – it’s so crazy and discouraging. Its making ppl not want to post which is opposite of what Instagram should be making ppl feel. UGH!



  • I feel ya. I have a small account but it still hurts. I went from over 200 likes a post to around 50-70. All the hard work, time and money spent just doesn’t seem worth it. It’s very discouraging. But again I do this for fun, not a business. Now that the fun has worn off, I’m questioning whether I’ll keep doing it or not.

    • I’m so sorry girl! It is so frustrating. But keep posting. You have amazing style and great content. Don’t let this one platform discourage you!



  • Yes Whitney!!! This is so true! It is so incredibly frustrating!! I’m a full time teacher who wants to start a blog on the side and this whole thing has me rethinking….I used to get way more likes and engagement on posts and have definitely seen a slump. So frustrating. Love you girl!!!💓💓💓

    Stylishandclassyinfifth ❤️❤️

    • Thank you for your sweet comment, Kristin! No – don’t let little slumps discourage you! If you want to start a blog – do it! You have a unique perspective and should share it. This is also a good lesson that you need to have an inner creative drive beyond just social gratification. Building a blog takes a lot of work but it’s so rewarding. You got this!

      Ps. Send me your blog once it’s live!



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