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Sephora Sale & Favorite Travel Products

Sephora Sale & Favorite Travel Products

Favorite Travel Products

I am headed to Hawaii today for Labor Day Weekend! I wanted to share my favorite travel products with the Sephora Beauty Inside Sale going on. I am always looking for skincare brands that make products that I can just throw in my carry-on and go! I travel a lot and do not want to sacrifice my skincare routine.  Especially with all the airplane travel I always need to ensure I have my favorite products. The Sephora Beauty Sale is the perfect time to re-stock on my favorite product. Here is a rundown of my favorite travel products:

I have raved about Living Proof Dry Shampoo before on my YouTube video and Instagram. I love these cute little travel sizes, that retail for $13. Dry shampoo has become such a staple in my life and when I travel. Especially for when you're on vacation and do not feel like doing your hair. I just spray a bit of Living Proof dry shampoo and I am good to go. One of my favorite things about this shampoo is the way it smells. Olaplex is another of my go-to hair treatments that I have added to my hair care routine. I dyed my hair pink a while back and it has been a journey to get it back healthy and strong. Olaplex has really helped improve the damage to my hair and the travel size retails for $28. Olaplex reconnect broken bonds and repairs the damage to hair that has been compromised by chemical processing, heat stylings like curling irons or straighteners. They just launched a NEW shampoo and conditioner too!

The other brand I have fallen in love with recently is Summer Friday Jet Lag Mask, which retails for $48. I am sure you have seen this all over social media and I can tell you - its worth the hype! This is a hydrating mask and its life-changing. I used it once and it got rid of sunspots and fine lines around my eyes and lips! The last item that I added into the mix and is a good subsite for lotion, especially if you are in the tropics and lotion can be a bit heavy. I loved Khiels Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which retails for $47. This product was actually recommended by one of my insta-tribe. I saw an immediate impact from using this oil, it helped brighten and smooth my complexion.

Drunk Elephant is the breakout brand for me this year. I read about them last year in 2017. I had to try them give all the amazing reviews. I started with the Glycolic Night Serum and it completely evened out my complexion. After those results, I added in their Protini™ Polypeptide Cream and the Sukari BabyFacial which I use once a week. This brand is definitely on the pricer side, with full-size products starting around $60 and going up to $100. Investing in skincare is something I prioritize, some people love to add new handbags or shoes to their collection, I have been spending my money on skincare. I have really changed and shifted the products I am using for my skincare. I have seen great results with Drunk Elephant and its worth the investment!

I also love that they make these cute travel sizes! I got the Night+Bright Travel Kit, and the Rise+Glow Travel Kit, which features their day serum and hydration gel. If you want to experiment with Drunk Elephant there is the eight-piece set in travel size, appropriately named: The Littles, that is under $100!


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