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My Committment & Reader Feedback

My Committment & Reader Feedback

I have been quiet on the blog and Instagram for the past week. Not posting, just reflecting and taking in all the news & social media postings about the protests for justice of the murder of George Floyd.


Educate & Reflect

I’ve been taking the time to read, educate myself, and really listen to the black community and POC.  I think the first step in any growth is self-reflection and education.  I had to take a hard look at myself and what role I have been taking in contributing to an anti-black system.


I realize I can do more and there is more work I can do to be more inclusive.


That starts with expanding on who I am reading, watching, following, and really listening too. I have been reading Ijenu Oluo “So You Want To Talk About Race” and watching a lot of @AjaBarber IGTV videos. I have also been listening to Monique Melton IGTV and her latest IGTV around engage in anti-racism without causing more harm.


I have also been listing to Taylor Nolan and her amazing IGTV as well as her podcast, specifically the episode to ‘White People’. I am learning about how I can better interact and be respectful in communities of color. I have to put in the work to unlearn and learn about how to best show up for the black community and people of color.


I also have been reading about micro-aggression and getting a better understanding of the impact of micro-aggressions on the systems and how I have been contributing to that system.



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Very important and informative!! Via @theconsciouskid #microaggressions

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We need to remember that the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) do not get to take breaks. When the social media frenzy dies down and the protests stop, they are still left dealing with the harsh reality (police brutality, racial profiling, hate crimes, and speech, mass incarceration, underrepresentation) of life as a BIPOC and that is not something they can walk away from – ever.



My commitment to the black community and people of color is to be a better ally! My blog has always been about empowering women and I am sorry if I have not done a good job at empowering ALL women.


I am trying to do better as an ally and listen, as well as give space to amplify voices from the black community that has not historically had their voices heard or prioritized.


Moving forward here are 4 core actions I am committing too:

  1. Amplify BIPOC Stories & Voices: I have a platform so let me use it! I will be sharing & amplifying more BIPOC voices and stories across my blog and social channels. I will be giving them space to have their voices and stories heard. This is a commitment that I will be making, not just for this month, but moving forward on
  2. Inclusion Rider: When I work with brands or go on press trips, I have never asked about diversity and that is going to change. Moving forward, I am going to start holding brands accountable for developing diverse campaigns, events, trip, podcasts, etc. Are the participants representative of a wide swath of backgrounds, sizes, and abilities?
  3. Diversify Female Entrepreneur Interviews: There are so many amazing BIPOC business owners and I want to do a better job at highlighting them.  I took a look at my Interview series and only 2 of the women I have featured were women of color. I can do better!
  4. Ongoing Education: I will continue to reflect on my actions and educate myself about race. I am reading  “So You Want To Talk About Race” by Ijenu Oluo. I will continue to read books and watch and movies by black authors, artists, and creators.


I can and will do better moving forward.  In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be antiracist.



Reader Feedback

I finally reviewed all the reader’s feedback and wanted to share all of the insightful feedback you shared with me. I really look forward to hearing from you – it always surprises me to see what posts stand-out to you the most!


I put together this word bubble to reflect the content topics you wrote to me about the most!




What You Are Loving & Want More Of?

Fashion still remains your favorite type of post! And that is not going anywhere! I love to share my latest looks and what I am seeing for up-in-coming trends!


One of your biggest requests was for more Travel content…during a pandemic, lol. I do have some past travels to Dubai and other countries I have not shared. I am happy to do so!


Shopping and Beauty/Skincare was tied for your 3rd favorite types of post. I really try not to be too salesy with you guys, but the feedback I am getting is you want more shopping recommendations and beauty/skincare posts! I am happy to deliver! Don’t forget I always share “What I am Shopping” over in the Shop section!


The Blogging Series: How To Start A Blog is also quite popular with more requests on building your audience, email list, and working with brands. I will make sure to add those topics to my content calendar!


lastly, you love it when I share personal stories and career advice! I will continue to share more work advice and corporate lessons.


Financial Wellness

I can’t believe the level of interest and feedback I got around the NEW Finance series! The goal of my blog is to empower women – and the best way to empower women is to help develop your financial foundation to allow you to build your own personal wealth!  Knowledge is power and we are going to build that together!


There was huge interest specifically around Investing, Saving, and managing Debt. I will be sharing personal stories as well as my financial building blocks. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss the launch of the Finance Series!



Gift Cards winners – IG Stories

I will be picking the 4 gift card winners this week!  Make sure you are following me on Instagram. I will announce the gift card winners in my IG stories!


A BIG thank you to everyone who filled out the Reader Survey. I always appreciate that you take the time to swing by and spend some time with me!


I will be working on my commitment and will be sharing new stories & voices on the blog soon!  Thank you for being an amazing community ♥




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