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Kiehl’s Skincare Retreat at The Salish Lodge

Kiehl’s Skincare Retreat at The Salish Lodge

I was so excited when Kiehl's reached out to invite me to their Skincare Retreat at the Salish Lodge. Kiehl's is a brand I have used for a number of years. I have blogged about how I LOVE their Midnight Recover Serum: Here and Here.

The Kiehl's team hosted us at the beautiful Salish lodge for the skincare retreat. I had never been before, but it's one of those places you always hear about. It was absolutely beautiful with the waterfall. During our hike down to the falls, we even saw a beautiful rainbow!


Kiehl's Skincare Sessions

Each lunch and dinner we would come together for an educational session with Kim Robertson,  the vice president of customer experience at Kiehl's. She gave us great background about Kiehls launching in 1851 from New York. She also shared that Kiehl's has 165 years in the personalized skincare business. She also explained about the research, science and natural ingredients that go into each Kiehl's product. Learn more about their history: here


They also shared Kiehl's 5-steps healthy skin philosophy:


  1. Cleanse - always cleanse your face with face wash to remove dirt, oil, and makeup from the day
  2. Correct - correct skin pigmentation with targeted serums, like c-serum or brightening serum
  3. Replenish - replenish and restore your skin barries with treatment like midnight recovery concentrate
  4. Hydrate - Moisturizing your face is at least 2x a day is important to protect your skin barrier.
  5.  Eyes - The skin under your eyes is thinner and needs more TLC. Make sure you are picking the right moisturizing solution for this area like this avocado infused creamy eye treatment



They are kind enough to offer my readers a complimentary deluxe sample of their NEW Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream! Click Here to get your FREE sample of the Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream. I have been using it for the past 2 weeks and I love how hydrating it is for my skin.




It was so fun getting to meet all the other girls that came along for the trip. I met women from New York, Chicago, North Carolina, Flordia, and Los Angeles - to name just a few locations. It was so refreshing to see a brand bring together over 37 diverse content creators and influencers from different platforms and focuses.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was getting to connect with all the girls. It honestly felt like a big fun summer camp. I loved hearing everyone's stories and journies with their platforms, from fitness to makeup, to fashion and more - it was such an eclectic mix of amazing women. It also was so nice to be able to talk "shop" with these ladies. To talk to someone who understands the world you are in! (i.e why you are always on your phone, able to discuss contracts, brand requirements) is something I do not get a lot. I felt very inspired and refreshed by the genuine connections I made at the retreat.

Thank you to the Kiehls team for an amazing skincare retreat. I am so thankful to have a platform that lets me connect and work with amazing brands. Thank you for your continued support babes! It means the world to me.



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