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5 Tips To Refresh & Revamp Your Resume + Resume Template

5 Tips To Refresh & Revamp Your Resume + Resume Template

5 Tips To Refresh & Revamp Your Resume + Resume Template featured by top Seattle lifestyle blogger, Whit Wanders

5 key elements you need in your resume and what you need to include to stand out to your next employer!


One of the first things I did after losing my job was to dust off, revamp, and refresh my resume. 


I have spent 15 years working in Corporate America.  10 of those years working at a global media agency, where I was responsible for building and training marketing teams. I spent years hiring people and running multiple teams across different skill sets, industries, and regions.


I understand the hiring process and what you need in your resume to help you stand out to employers.



(scroll down to download the resume template!)


1. Resume Needs To Be Easy To Read

 I know that colorful resumes are all the rage, but what hiring managers want is something easy to read and does not have a lot of colors, graphics, or icons. Your experience needs to stand out – not the design. Avoid Canva-based resume templates.

TIP: Canva templates can also throw off the ATS tracking software most companies use to vet resumes from applicants.

2. Your Experience

Work experience should be listed chronologically with the most recent job you have held. Your work experience should state the name of the company, the job title that you held, the years you worked at each position, and your role.  Include 2-4 bullet points underneath each position to provide details about your role and the responsibilities that you oversaw.

Tip: Avoid fluff, keep your description clear and concise. What were you tasked with? What actions did you take?

3. Highlight Your Impact

Under each job description you have, also include a call out of something impactful that helped drive the business or across the account.

Ex: Increased Client ROI by 10%, Launched a NEW product for the client across Social Media 

  4. List Your Certifications & Skills

You have worked hard for your achievements. Make sure to highlight any unique skills, platforms, certifications, or awards to help you stand out. TIP: Make sure to add these skills and certifications to your LinkedIn profile!

Ex: Salesforce Admin Certification; PMP Certification, Facebook BluePrint Certified 


  5. Reach Out To Your Network

Once your resume is revamped – start reaching out to your Network. You never know what leads or opportunities you might get directed too! Turn on the Open to Work” functionality on your LinkedIn profile to alert recruiters you are looking. Email or post on your Linkedin that you are looking and make sure to use hashtags: #jobsearch #gethired #career


The key thing to keep in mind when crafting your resume is that it needs to focus on the job you want to get – not what you currently have. What I mean by that is, you need to look at job roles and then highlight prior work experience to showcase that your skills and work experience align with that role! Your resume is a snapshot of you and your career. Make sure it’s the best representation of your work experience.

Scroll down to start building your resume with my easy resume template!


♦ BONUS: I have included an easy-to-download resume template and example resume for you to use!

5 Tips To Refresh & Revamp Your Resume + Resume Template featured by top Seattle lifestyle blogger, Whit Wanders

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