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5 Ways To Handle Life’s Pressures

5 Ways To Handle Life’s Pressures

Pressure is something we get used to in our daily lives – it starts early; pressure about school and that pressure evolve into pressure about getting a job, pressure about moving up the corporate ladder, pressure about finding the one, getting married, having babies – PRESSURE! I personally felt a lot of pressure when I was in school and after college trying to find a job.

I remember in high school just having such a fear that no college would accept me. I was positive if anyone was going to get rejected it was going to be me. I have no idea why I felt that way but I found the pressure to perform very cripplingly. Then in college – I felt so much pressure to get a job. And getting a job in 2008 when I graduated was very difficult with the financial collapse. I ended up getting a job at the end of 2008 right before the economy tanked – I was very lucky. Then in the corporate world, I felt pressure to work my way up the corporate ladder. Even with the blog, I feel pressure about delivering quality content and connecting with you, my readers!


  It’s easy to let pressure consume you. Here are 5 ways to handle the pressure and that help me take that pressure and use it as a motivator vs debilitating stress.

5 Ways To Handle Pressure

  1. Find Your Center – Figure out what the core stress is that’s causing you anxiety. Identify and make a plan to deal with it.
  2. Write Things Down – Limit all the external noise by writing all-important action items down so you can focus and realistically attend to each item
  3. Work Out – Breaking a sweat always helps clear my head. Exercise is proven to help reduce stress.
  4. Build In Self-Care – Scheduling down-time is key to make sure you are giving yourself time to recharge and reboot.
  5. Ask For Help – It’s ok to ask for help or reach out to talk to someone about your stresses. My mom is always someone I go to when I need a soundboard about life pressure.

Where does your pressure come from? Work? School? Personal life?

Tell me below!


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