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How To Build Your Community

How To Build Your Community

Building your community can be hard – building your community and starting over in your 30’s is difficult. I moved to Seattle a few years ago after 10 years in San Francisco. And I had to start building my community from scratch.


Building a community takes time and effort. You need to be willing to put yourself out there and slide into those DM’s! And sometimes it takes a few different times and effort to succeed. So do not give up!


Moving cities I had to rebuild my network, my community, and my core friend group.  I am lucky because I have my family here – so I am not completely alone, but it’s important to have a friend group or community beyond just your family that can help feed your soul. Whether its a group you connect with on a business level, education, or faith level.


I have slowly started to build my network within the Blogging Community in Seattle and re-establishing friendships with friends I have not seen in years.  I am listing a few resources I used to help me get started on reaching out and finding a community I could really connect with:



If you are a Seattle babe looking to connect – drop me an email. I would love to schedule a Seattle Meet-up or a Seattle Brunch Group!

Thanks to Shaylyn for posing with me! 



Photography by Sarah Wolfe


How do you build your community??


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