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Here are some shots from when I headed back to Seattle for Christmas. I brought lots of layers because the last time I went back I was unprepared for the cold. I layered sweaters over this striped maxi dress and also wore thick leggings underneath. I love the color combo of orange and blue together, something I will be exploring more. 
Zara Striped Maxi and Sweater,  J.Crew Cardigan, Steve Madden Heels, UO Necklace, Michael Kors Purse
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  1. January 6, 2012 / 4:04 pm

    LOVE the pop of colorrrss!(:

  2. January 6, 2012 / 5:15 pm

    I love the idea of laying up and making your maxi-dress winter appropriate! I’ve been doing it with all my summery sundresses, but for some reason my maxi-dress never crossed my mind. Smart thinking!


  3. January 6, 2012 / 5:51 pm

    what a nice outfit
    i like the color combinations so much
    have a wonderful weekend

  4. January 6, 2012 / 8:30 pm

    I love your blog πŸ™‚ I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before! I live right outside of Sacramento, it would be fabulous to do a collaboration sometime! I just followed your blog, I hope you’ll return the favor! Stay tuned for more posts on my blog from Teen Vogue Fashion University on my blog!

    Confessions of a Fashionista
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  5. January 6, 2012 / 10:00 pm

    Gorgeous outfit!! And I love the orange and blue color combo too ! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and I hope you find it because I got it a few weeks ago unfortunately πŸ™


  6. January 6, 2012 / 10:46 pm

    Thank fro commenting on my blog! You have a great blog, glad I found it πŸ™‚

  7. January 7, 2012 / 12:01 am

    Great style
    I’ve been looking for a new blog to follow for
    ages and I think yours is it!
    This post is great and i’m going to have to
    go back through old posts now.

    I hope you can check mine out and maybe even follow



  8. January 7, 2012 / 1:32 am

    This dress is so stunning! And the orange compliments it perfectly. Super chic and gorgeous!
    I love Seattle…I live in Washington state myself. I hope you had a great Christmas too!


  9. January 7, 2012 / 4:54 pm

    I love your look, especially the skirt is very beautiful!
    thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I’d be very happy if you came back sometimes!
    xxx Anita

  10. January 7, 2012 / 9:46 pm

    i love the layering! you did such a fabulous job of it. i love the different silhouettes, colors and textures! perfect!

  11. January 8, 2012 / 3:26 am

    Loving the stripes.

  12. January 8, 2012 / 3:49 pm

    thanks so much for your comment my dear. I just checked out your blog and loved it!

    X, Annie


  13. January 8, 2012 / 4:01 pm

    loving cobalt paired with a bold red these days–you completely nailed this look! so happy to have stumbled on your blog πŸ™‚ xoxo {av}

  14. January 8, 2012 / 9:18 pm

    love your take on orange+blue!:) so chic!:) Happy new year lovelies!:)

  15. January 8, 2012 / 10:02 pm

    great layers u both have amazing style:)

  16. January 8, 2012 / 11:12 pm

    Que lindo o seu look,
    adorei aqui,

  17. January 9, 2012 / 5:01 am

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  18. January 9, 2012 / 7:03 am

    Love the mix of the color with the stripes! Your skirt is beautiful! xoxo

  19. January 9, 2012 / 7:20 am

    Love that striped print and the combo of blue+orange!! πŸ™‚

  20. January 9, 2012 / 10:18 am

    Love purse!! xx

  21. January 9, 2012 / 11:09 am

    thanks for the comment pretty lady!
    i love this look!
    you look amazing!

  22. January 9, 2012 / 1:45 pm

    Oh thank you so much πŸ˜‰
    your blog is very beautiful πŸ˜‰
    and you’ve got a pretty design

  23. January 9, 2012 / 2:11 pm

    Great colour combo pairing the orange with the black and blue. Love your maxi dress it makes me think of all those delicious prada stripes from this summer.


  24. January 9, 2012 / 2:26 pm

    that’s a pretty cool look.. lots of colors.. and a nice way of incorporating a summer dress to the cold season… thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate your comment on my drawing.. I’ll keep in touch, happy 2012!

  25. March 6, 2012 / 12:53 pm

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