Welcome to the fashion & style section of Whit Wanders! I love covering new styles and sharing my latest outfits of the day. I am a tall fashion blogger – I am 5’11 – that loves to experiment with my style. Personal style is how I express myself and show my personality. Whether its dresses, suits, casual style or activewear – I am all about making fashion fun, easy and affordable! I hope my style journey helps you define your own style and gives you that inspiration boost you need to create unique outfits and develop your own expression through personal style!

If you ever have a question about an outfit – don’t hesitate to email me! 

Pearls & Prep

What girl doesn’t take a little fashion inspiration from the men in her life? I had…

Bows and Twinkle Toes

We finally have had some sunny weather in San Francisco and I have been taking…