Breaking Your Work Out Slump

Breaking Your Work Out Slump

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re stuck in a major workout slump. It can take a while to find a workout routine that can be consistent. I try to work out at least 2-3 days a week. I personally find that when I start working out, its easier to start with every other day and then increase my exercise frequency once I found my routine. I love to run outside but some days I don’t make it or the weather is not cooperating. If I am not able to get in my morning run then I will do weights and at-home exercises. I really love the Tone It Up girls workout routines. They are so easy to follow and not too long. My sister-in-law turned me on to them. On a rainy day, I will pull up one of their workout videos on youtube and workout at home. My favorite is the Bikini Series. They have a great inner and outer thigh video, which is definitely where I gain my weight. I also really like their booty workout videos!

  • Switch Up Your Routine – It’s important to switch up your routine and starting a new workout can help break you out of a working out the slump.
  • Add A Buddy – Working out with a friend can really help! Having someone else with you is definitely motivation to show up to your next workout class.
  • Set Goals – Create attainable goals for your next workout session, whether that is running a certain distance or toning your arms. Seeing results after putting in hard work is a huge motivator!



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