All Black Outfit for Date Night

All Black Outfit for Date Night

All black is not something I typically wear. I tend to gravitate towards color – pops of color or full monochromatic – I love playing with color. But I immediately felt so chic once I styled this all black look. I found these velvet pants (sold-out) on ASOS. They were so cozy to wear, especially with it being 30’s degrees in Seattle right now. The satin blazer is by Calvin Klein and is one of my most treasured designer pieces. I got it off Gilt, waaaaayyyy back in the day. I am pretty sure I ate mac & cheese for a month and stole snacks from work to afford it – but totally worth it! I added a crop top from Forever21 – so we are really mixing highs and lows in this outfit. If you are a new reader – I am a big advocate for re-wearing and re-styling key pieces in your closet. I would love to always have something new to wear, but that is not realistic or affordable.




I have been investing in pieces for my wardrobe since 2011 when I first started blogging.  I am all about building your closet. So when you are shopping, always ask yourself – 1. Can I wear anything in my current closet with this? 2. Can I see myself wearing this in 2 years? Its definitely trial & error. But as time goes on you find pieces that stand the test of time and you know you will be able to use for future seasons. I also like to rotate pieces – so if I wear a coat or a jacket a few times, I will put it away and really try to wear other pieces in my wardrobe. I can then come back to that style and its like its brand new! What are your style tips for investing in your wardrobe? Share them with me below!

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OUTFIT DETAILS: Calvin Klein Blazer, Forever21 Crop Top, ASOS velvet rhinestone pants, Sam Edelman Pumps, Clutch found in SF


Photography by Sarah Wolfe







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