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Hi! I am Whitney! Welcome to Whit Wanders – this is my creative platform to document my 30-something journey with fashion, travel, and fitness. I have been blogging about my personal style and travels since 2011. I spent the last 10 years living in San Francisco and working in digital media. I currently run my own digital consulting business and Whit Wanders full-time. I split my time between Seattle and San Francisco. If you want to know more about me – check out my 12 Facts About Me post or how I Grew Up On A Boat!


Personal style is really important to me. You will find this blog is primarily: outfit posts, travel guides, and the best sales deals (with promo codes). My mantra is to always dress like I am going to work at Vogue! I love color, prints, leather jackets and dreamy dresses. I also share exactly What I am Shopping under the Shop tab.


I grew up traveling and I love sharing my favorite travel destinations. I already have a few travel guides around Bali and will be expanding with the Maldives, Dubai and San Francisco. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as I have lots of fun travel diaries coming!


Prioritizing my health is something I wish I had been better about in my 20’s and I am learning to do that now in my 30’s. I recently lost 25LBS and have been sharing how to get back into working out. There are a few of my favorite workout routines along with some inspiring activewear brands.



I really appreciate all your visits and kind comments. Thank you so much for being part of my journey and for caring what I have to say! 


*Whit Wanders occasionally receives compensation or gifted products in exchange for a feature. This will always be noted (c/o) on the post and explained in the text of the feature or as a footnote. Sponsored posts and brand collaborations help make Whit Wanders possible.

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