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5 Tips to Maximize Your Morning

5 Tips to Maximize Your Morning

Mornings, especially Monday mornings can be a challenge. I am still rubbing away the cobwebs from the weekend when Monday rolls around. I always feel better when I have a plan of action. Being productive does not come naturally to me – I wish it did. If I am going to get anything done I have to build productivity and efficiency into my schedule! Here are my 5 tips for setting your mornings right.

5 Tips to Maximize Your Morning:

  1. Put the Phone Down – While I love that my phone brings me instant emails, news updates and the latest and greatest from my favorite bloggers, it can be a HUGE time suck. I try to check my email for anything important, and share my most recent blog post to social and then GET OUT! Its the only way I can get to the rest of my list!
  2. Make A To-Do List – As I am sure everyone can relate, there is always so much going on between family, friends, boyfriend, work, the blog – the list grows never ending. Having a To Do list dedicated to personal, work and the blog really helps me stay focused.
  3. Work Up A Sweat – I have learned that if I do not work out in the morning – I will never work out. So whether its an at home workout or a quick run in the morning I always try to fit it in. It makes me more alert and productive for the rest of the day.
  4. Get the Tunes Going – Music always put me in an upbeat mood and help keep me focused on my task. I always blast some tunes when I am working out in the morning
  5. Eat Healthy – I always try to make breakfast and have something hearty in the morning to help sustain myself. I have also found I am less hungry during the day and focus better if I have a larger breakfast!

Now – make sure you create a schedule that works for your personality and schedule. It has to work for you or it won’t stick! Do you have a schedule that helps you maximize your mornings? What are your tips for being productive??



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