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Changes Across The Blog: 2018 Reflection & Goals

Changes Across The Blog: 2018 Reflection & Goals

2018 Reflection & Goals


If you are a frequent blog visitor I am sure you have seen quite a few changes to Britt+Whit this past year. For those recently joining us, I, (Whit) have been blogging on Britt+Whit for 7 years with my blog partner in crime, Britt. Running a blog with your best friend is very rewarding but after 7 years both of us were feeling that the blog was becoming more of a chore rather than the creative outlet and business that we wanted it to be.

Early in 2017, Brit and I started having multiple conversations about the future of Britt+Whit and the direction the blog would go. When something that used to be rewarding becomes monotonous I always recommend taking a step back to figure out how or if you want to move forward.

So we stopped – we stopped blogging – we stopped creating – we stopped attending events – we took a break. After much discussion, Britt decided to say Goodbye to Britt+Whit. She wrote about her recent departure here. Britt’s departure from the blog world made me re-examine my own participation. I spent almost 7 years running Britt+Whit with Britt. Do I want to continue blogging without Britt?? Do I still want to blog??

Do I even enjoy blogging?

I thought a lot about blogging after I left San Francisco and moved back to Seattle – and whether I still enjoyed blogging. I thought a lot about what things in my life were really adding value and was that really helping me become ‘the best version of me’? I thought about what had lead me into the blogging world.

Blogging is a community that I stumbled into – I started Britt+Whit in 2011 because I personally loved reading fashion blogs and I needed a creative outlet. Late Afternoon and Song of Style were two of the very first fashion blogs that I started following and read religiously (and still do!).  I also love fashion and the endless puzzle of trying to finding different outfit combinations. It’s always fun to see what works in your head vs. when you actually put it on! After much reflection, this is the list I came away with about why I love blogging:

♥ I love that it’s a creative outlet to share a piece of my world!

♥ I love that I am the stylist, editor, copywriter, content creator, social media promoter, small business owner and the list goes on!

♥ I love the amazing community of women that blogging has introduced me too and the amazing friendships that I have made through my blog

♥ I especially love hearing from you! Getting to connect with you and hear about your experiences is one of the best parts of running a blog!

I am going to continue blogging and I hope you continue to follow along! I will miss blogging with Britt. The last 7 years have been amazing – and I am looking forward to seeing how this change pushes me to grow and evolve as an individual blogger. I am excited to kick off this new chapter in my blogging career!

What to expect in 2018

2018 is a very exciting year because for me – 2018 is all about a new beginning! This feels like the perfect time to hit “refresh” as well as carve out my own little world. I will be expanding with more personal content pieces, like the one I just did about the Women’s March. I will have more content focused on travel, fitness, shopping guides to really help you get great savings! I also want to expand to include blogging and career growth pieces! I am feeling inspired and excited to create new content!

Keep an eye out – you will start to see changes across the blog!

Goals for 2018

I always find it helpful to write down my goals so I can develop a better framework for achieving them. Here are some of my core goals that I want to focus on for 2018:

♦ Invest in Blogging

When you want something to flourish and grow – you need to invest time and resource. I am excited to launch this new chapter and build out new content for 2018 and try different platforms!

♦ Develop & Create Video Content

Video is a format I have not experimented a lot with and another great way to push myself in this new blogging chapter. I really want to build out my YouTube account with more travel and fitness videos.

♦ Grow My Email list

I am working on developing more exclusive Newsletter Content and Freebies! (Pantone Colors, Calendars, Shopping List etc) for my subscriber list! I will be also hosting giveaway exclusively for my subscriber list!

♦Support Women-Owned Business

It really important to me to support and promote women-owned business. I will be working on a new feature that highlights women-owned business and unique product offerings! Email me if you are a female business owner with a great story!

♦ Build Out my Poshmark Closet

I am finally building out my Poshmark closet. I need to clean out my closet! Poshmark was the perfect platform to sell my clothes on! Join me on Poshmark – Sign-up with WHIT to get $5 off your 1st order!

♦ Get More Personal!

This one is a hard one for me and I will be working on putting together personal stories that take me outside my comfort zone! I will also be putting together a reader survey so I can hear what you think and what pieces you love to see more or less of! Stay tuned for that!

Thanks again for following along and I am excited to see what 2018 brings!


What Are Your 2018 Goals??

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