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10 Ways To Practice Self Care

10 Ways To Practice Self Care

Let’s be real ladies – March was a lot! I am sure you are all struggling with constant news updates and coronavirus changes. This is the time where you need to invest and practice self-care.


My state, Washington state, was hit hard early on with coronavirus cases.  I have been in quarantine for almost a month. I am lucky because I was already working from home, so the transition wasn’t too bad. I know a lot of people are not experiencing that right now.


Make sure to check out my post on how you can help those impacted by the coronavirus.


Now more than ever people’s stress and anxieties are running much higher. It’s so important to invest the time and energy to take care of yourself and your needs. You need to be at 100% so you can help those around you.



My Self-Care Routine

Here are a few different things that I like to do when I need to mentally check-out and indulge in some self-care. Try a few of these this weekend!


1. Take A Break or a Nap – Stress and anxiety can really tire you out. It is normal to feel more sluggish and exhausted from everything going on in the world. Make sure you are getting enough sleep!


2. De-Clutter Your Space – Feeling organized can put you in a great mood. It also gives you a sense of productivity and accomplishment. So tackle your closet or move your furniture around to give your space a fresh vibe!


3. Dance Party to Your Favorite Song – Sometimes turning up the tunes and just dancing it out is the best energy booster! And now that we are all self-quarantined you don’t need to worry about anyone judging your dance moves.


4. Pamper Yourself with a Bubble Bath – this is one of my personal favorites, I love a good soak in the tub! I get bath salts, bubbles and throw on a face mask and relax!


5. Go Outside and Embrace Nature – Nature has such a calming presence! While most states are shelter-at-home, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get outside for a walk. Make sure you are scheduling time to get away from your desk or house for at least 30 mins!


6. Work Out Your Stress – WFH and social distancing don’t mean you need to give up on your workout and exercise routine. Youtube and ToneitUp have a ton of easy at home online workouts you can try! It’s important to keep your energy level up during this time.


7. Curl up with a good New Book or Magazine – I love nothing more than unplugging from social media and curling up with a good book! I LOVE to read. But sometimes its mentally nice to check out for a bit and go off on a literary adventure.


8. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane – Go through old memories and photos. It may remind you of old friends and far off adventures. Bookmark photo to send to a friend or to print out and hang for later!


9. Setup Time with Friends – thank god for Facetime, Zoom, and apps like House Party, you can still see your friend in real-time. Schedule time to check-in and talk with your friends. You are still getting that face-to-face interaction while keeping safe!


10. Make your own 52 List for Happiness – take time to write down everything you are grateful for or happy about in your life. Sometimes in the darker times its harder to remember the little things. Make sure you appreciate all that you have.










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