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10 Things To Do While You Are Social Distancing

10 Things To Do While You Are Social Distancing

Now that we are all practicing social distancing thanks to the Coronavirus. Here are 10 things to do at home to break the tedium of the day.

These different activities will help get you through the days and weekends ahead!


 1. Take A Digital Detox – I have been trying to sort through all the implications of the coronavirus, the markets, the societal shifts – news is changing every few hours. It has been information overload! I was feeling very anxious and overwhelmed.  I took a digital detox over the past few days. I did not post on Instagram or the blog on Monday. It was much needed. So take a moment, disconnect and re-find your center!


2. Try a New Recipe! With restaurants and bars closed for the foreseeable future, now is the time to try out or learn a new recipe while you are stuck at home. I recommend checking out, What’s Gaby Cooking. She has a ton of easy to plan recipes that are delicious! Gabby is on her 3rd cookbook and sells cooking products in William-Sonoma. I featured her during last year’s Women’s Month!


3. Start a Blog! If you have ever wanted to get into blogging – now is a good time to tackle all the required setup! I have a whole series dedicated to Starting a Blog: planning your content, purchasing your domain and even setting up your WordPress design!


4. Learn a Language! Now that we are sequestered away, this is the perfect time to learn a new language. There is Rosetta Stone online as well as a ton of youtube learning classes you could take to beef up your vocabulary in Mandarin, Italian, Farsi or Spanish.

5. Start A New Book! Start a new book to take your mind off current events! NPR recently shared 12 feminist authors to read. I also shared my own list of female authors I have recently read: HERE. Have a few girlfriends also join you so you can do online book clubs!


6. Check-in on Friends! Email, text them, shoot them a DM. Not everyone enjoys alone time. Make sure you are reaching out to see how friends are doing and what headspace they are in with all this pandemic anxiety.


7. Take A Virtual Tour! Get outside without going outside. Visit the British Museum, The Van Gough Musem and even take a virtual tour of The Guggenheim. Check out a few of the virtual tours: HERE!


8. Workout & Exercise! I shared that one of my top 6 tips on working from home is making sure to take breaks and fit in a workout. I love to run or walk outside but I also have indoor weights for other types of exercises. I love Tone It Up online workouts and apps! They are really easy and only 30 mins!

9. Self-Care & Glow Up! Make sure you just take time for yourself! Throw on a face mask and a hair mask, find your favorite show and just zen out! The world is going a bit crazy but that doesn’t mean you should let yourself get depleted! The more energy and rest you have – the better you can respond to the changing tides.

10. Review your Portfolio! With all the uncertainties and resource constraints hitting the market. This is a good time to reassess your current savings, investment, and income levels.

↑ This recommendation also coincides with the next Female Entrepreneur Interview coming to the blog on Friday! The topic is on investing and savings, and what you should be doing with your finances in light of the market’s reaction to the coronavirus.

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** In the coming days I will have my regular content around Women’s Month, Female Interviews and Outfits of the Day. But I will also be sharing updates I find relevant with everything (coronavirus, market shifts, quarantine etc,) going on. **

Remember Ladies, knowledge is power!

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